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How to Go Green: Buying Organic Chicken

I’m a vegan and don’t eat chicken at all, but if you do, I wanna share some information with you.

What is organic chicken? Organic chicken is chicken that has only been fed organic grains, which means that no pesticides or chemicals were used on the farm to grow the grain in the last three years.


The chicken must also never have been given antibiotics, drugs, or hormones to accelerate growth, though they will be given medicine should they fall ill. Also, the chicken must be given free range with access to outdoors and be treated properly.

There are many brands to consider when purchasing organic chicken. First are products made on farms registered with the Soil Association. This association demands clear product labelling and can trace back all ingredients used to the farm.


LocalHarvest, which sells and ships products online, also offers a variety of organic chicken and other foods.

If you are considering buying organic chicken, consider what’s important to you. If nutrition is most important, evidence shows that there’s no nutritional difference between organic and traditionally grown food.

If quality and food appearance are driving your decision, consider that organic foods may spoil more quickly and not have as perfect an appearance. Usually, however, there is little to no difference between organic chicken and traditional chicken.

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Pesticides, however, are used liberally with traditionally farmed chicken, but experts do not believe that it poses much of a health risk. Taste, a very subjective thing, may or may not be different between organic chicken and traditionally farmed chicken.

Also remember, the cost of organic chicken will most likely be much greater than normal chicken. Two things that make choosing organic chicken the clear winner? Protecting the environment and the humane treatment of chicken.

Organic farmers use practices that purposefully prevent pollution, as well as conserve water and resources. Chickens on organic farms are also allowed to live free range, enjoying sunshine and space and a natural life.

The lives of these chickens are longer and more enjoyable than they would be on a cramped, unpleasant traditional farm.

If you decide you want to start purchasing organic chicken, make sure you read the label properly and only buy chicken labelled “USDA organic,” not “natural.”

Expect to pay between $2.99 and $4.99 per pound, but if the humane treatment of these animals is important to you, it’s probably a small price to pay.


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