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What are Benefits of Home Wind Turbines?

Although solar panels are by far and large the most prevalent alternative energy source out there, wind turbines are certainly beginning to catch up fast. What many people do not realize about wind turbines is that those monstrosities you see in wind farms are not the only option.

Wind turbines are now available, in a variety of sizes and outputs, for the average consumer at home. This article will provide a few of the many great benefits of home wind turbines.

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The Almighty Dollar

Electricity rates are climbing and will probably never decrease again, at least not for a long period of time. Have a wind turbine, even a smaller one, at home can greatly help you to offset your electrical bill each month.

Wind turbines even provide you with the ability to produce excess power at your home and put it back on the power grid, selling it to your electric company. You can actually have your electric company pay you every month!

Wind turbines for your home used to be a fantasy, the only models that were available were commercial ones which boasted price tags of up to $50,000; this is no longer the case.

Currently there are large wind turbines available, for much cheaper, that you can have installed by a professional; chances are these will produce more electricity than your home will even need.

In addition there are kits available, this allows you to easy install a wind turbine at your home and eliminate costs that a contractor would incur.

Finally you are now even able to get instructions on the Internet which include complete video tutorials and a list of the locations for every part you will require. This option can save you a bundle on startup costs, although it requires a little dedication.

Today you have many options to get your own wind turbine at home without having to spend a ridiculous amount to get started, this allows you to start saving money much more quickly than before.

The Environmental Impact

The majority of electricity is currently produced by power plants which burn coal. Wind turbines simply spin in the wind, they create absolutely no harmful outputs such as carbon dioxide. It should be apparent which of these power sources is best for your world.

We cannot afford to wait until big corporations make the leap to alternative energy sources, you have the power to do so now.

Help Your Country by reducing our reliance on foreign oil

Most of you know that this is the exact reason we are in Iraq today. If more people started producing their own electricity, in a renewable and sustainable manner, we could reduce or eliminate our need to be in the Middle East altogether.

Maybe your wind turbine will not accomplish this on its own, but given time and numbers it will happen.

Hopefully now you can see some of the many benefits of home wind turbines. They provide free electricity, are environmentally friendly and even can assist your country in reducing its dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

What are you waiting for? Start producing your own electricity with wind turbines today.

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