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Weight Gain

Facts About Constant Weight Gain

Do you sometimes feel like a yo-yo when trying to lose weight? The truth is, it is not an uncommon phenomenon. Losing weight . . . and keeping it off is one of the hardest things we have to do and face in our lives.

Weight Gain

Don’t you just envy those folks who can seem to eat anything and everything we are not allowed to eat, and they do not gain an ounce.

It has become quite popular with severely overweight people to opt for the gastric by-pass surgery to lose weight. This is not the safest of surgeries though people may feel it is a quick fix to lose weight quickly and permanently.

However, if you have gone through this risky surgery, it is extremely important to follow doctors’ orders because the weight can easily come back, even with this surgery, if you return to your old eating habits.

I have seen many successes with this surgery, but I have also witnessed several women who went through all this pain and suffering of this particular surgery only to gain all the weight back. This is a very unhealthy and serious move on your part.

Many of us have also have experienced the weight gain associated with the task to quit smoking. Of course, it may not be a big weight gain but something we sure do not want to do. It doesn’t have to happen.

You first have to realize that smoking is much worse for your health than a couple of extra pounds. You probably are not going to be able to lose weight at the same time as you are trying to quit smoking. Once step at a time.

Quit smoking

I have found, to quit smoking, turn to some non-caloric habits in order to get healthy while quitting. Whether you are quitting cold turkey, through help with your doctor, a patch or the um, plan ahead to keep any weight gain to a minimum.

Keep a lot of sugarless gum on hand at all times, keep a straw to chew on (out of habit), stock your fridge with a lot of healthy munchies, anything to keep your hands busy with healthy options other than that “smoke”. It may not happen overnight but it does work and you will be much healthier.

When it comes to the real issues with weight loss and gain, there always seems to be an underlying issue as to why we cannot be totally successful. Most of the issues have to do with stresses in our daily lives, lack of self worth, and trying to live up to the images put forth by the media.

If this is a constant issue for you, the suggestion would be to get some kind of support with any emotional issues either through professional therapy, Overeaters Anonymous, or at the very least start journaling and exploring your feelings and emotions. Emotional issues generally will not go away on their own.

In fact, they usually get worse as the weight keeps going up and the self-esteem goes down.

Maybe a nutritionist can get you on the right road to successful weight loss without the yo-yo effect but without digging into those underlying issues mentioned, you may be fighting a losing battle.

If you are always struggling on the weight loss ladder, you do need to have enough confidence in yourself to be a success.

Just come to the realization that it is not you but an underlying issue that can be resolved if you are willing to get the help and assistance you need to build your self esteem and make you realize, you do deserve to be the best that you

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