How to Go Green: Buying Organic Chicken

I’m a vegan and don’t eat chicken at all, but if you do, I wanna share some information with you.

What is organic chicken? Organic chicken is chicken that has only been fed organic grains, which means that no pesticides or chemicals were used on the farm to grow the grain in the last three years.


The chicken must also never have been given antibiotics, drugs, or hormones to accelerate growth, though they will be given medicine should they fall ill. Also, the chicken must be given free range with access to outdoors and be treated properly.

There are many brands to consider when purchasing organic chicken. First are products made on farms registered with the Soil Association. This association demands clear product labelling and can trace back all ingredients used to the farm.


LocalHarvest, which sells and ships products online, also offers a variety of organic chicken and other foods.

If you are considering buying organic chicken, consider what’s important to you. If nutrition is most important, evidence shows that there’s no nutritional difference between organic and traditionally grown food.

If quality and food appearance are driving your decision, consider that organic foods may spoil more quickly and not have as perfect an appearance. Usually, however, there is little to no difference between organic chicken and traditional chicken.

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Pesticides, however, are used liberally with traditionally farmed chicken, but experts do not believe that it poses much of a health risk. Taste, a very subjective thing, may or may not be different between organic chicken and traditionally farmed chicken.

Also remember, the cost of organic chicken will most likely be much greater than normal chicken. Two things that make choosing organic chicken the clear winner? Protecting the environment and the humane treatment of chicken.

Organic farmers use practices that purposefully prevent pollution, as well as conserve water and resources. Chickens on organic farms are also allowed to live free range, enjoying sunshine and space and a natural life.

The lives of these chickens are longer and more enjoyable than they would be on a cramped, unpleasant traditional farm.

If you decide you want to start purchasing organic chicken, make sure you read the label properly and only buy chicken labelled “USDA organic,” not “natural.”

Expect to pay between $2.99 and $4.99 per pound, but if the humane treatment of these animals is important to you, it’s probably a small price to pay.


What are Benefits of Home Wind Turbines?

Although solar panels are by far and large the most prevalent alternative energy source out there, wind turbines are certainly beginning to catch up fast. What many people do not realize about wind turbines is that those monstrosities you see in wind farms are not the only option.

Wind turbines are now available, in a variety of sizes and outputs, for the average consumer at home. This article will provide a few of the many great benefits of home wind turbines.

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The Almighty Dollar

Electricity rates are climbing and will probably never decrease again, at least not for a long period of time. Have a wind turbine, even a smaller one, at home can greatly help you to offset your electrical bill each month.

Wind turbines even provide you with the ability to produce excess power at your home and put it back on the power grid, selling it to your electric company. You can actually have your electric company pay you every month!

Wind turbines for your home used to be a fantasy, the only models that were available were commercial ones which boasted price tags of up to $50,000; this is no longer the case.

Currently there are large wind turbines available, for much cheaper, that you can have installed by a professional; chances are these will produce more electricity than your home will even need.

In addition there are kits available, this allows you to easy install a wind turbine at your home and eliminate costs that a contractor would incur.

Finally you are now even able to get instructions on the Internet which include complete video tutorials and a list of the locations for every part you will require. This option can save you a bundle on startup costs, although it requires a little dedication.

Today you have many options to get your own wind turbine at home without having to spend a ridiculous amount to get started, this allows you to start saving money much more quickly than before.

The Environmental Impact

The majority of electricity is currently produced by power plants which burn coal. Wind turbines simply spin in the wind, they create absolutely no harmful outputs such as carbon dioxide. It should be apparent which of these power sources is best for your world.

We cannot afford to wait until big corporations make the leap to alternative energy sources, you have the power to do so now.

Help Your Country by reducing our reliance on foreign oil

Most of you know that this is the exact reason we are in Iraq today. If more people started producing their own electricity, in a renewable and sustainable manner, we could reduce or eliminate our need to be in the Middle East altogether.

Maybe your wind turbine will not accomplish this on its own, but given time and numbers it will happen.

Hopefully now you can see some of the many benefits of home wind turbines. They provide free electricity, are environmentally friendly and even can assist your country in reducing its dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

What are you waiting for? Start producing your own electricity with wind turbines today.

Safe Driving After Dark

5 Tips for Safe Driving After Dark

If you have poor night vision, you may have a certain fear about driving after dark, especially with rain on your windshield and bright lights coming at you.

Safe Driving After Dark

Being able to drive safely in the dark is very important, because during short winter days, you can hardly go to or from work and not drive in darkness at least one way. If you struggle with poor night vision or night blindness, here are 5 tips for safe driving after dark.

Increase Your Visibility

It may sound odd to advise you to clean off your headlights, but consider the street film and dirt that cake other parts of your car. That film and dirt covers your headlights too, and it decreases your visibility. Keeping your headlights clean increases your visibility, even if it’s just a little bit.

While you are at it, consider wiping clean the inside of the front windshield. We often clean the outer windshield, but forget that the inner windshield can get dirty. If you don’t believe me, just wipe a white tissue across the inner windshield.

Chances are you will see a dark film left on the tissue. When you spend time in your car with windows up, over time, your exhale contributes to that film.

Another way to increase your visibility is to remove your sunglasses when the sun begins to set. Visibility is more important than fashion. You need every bit of light coming to your eyes to benefit your eyesight. And that goes for darkened windshields too.

If your vehicle has a one, and you have difficulty driving in the dark, you might want to get it replaced.

Reduce Your Speed and Anticipate

To give yourself more time to react to obstacles and anticipate road hazards, reduce your speed. You need to see pedestrians and bikers in plenty of time to avoid them, and you want to see exit signs in time to exit safely.

Going a slower speed allow you more time to evaluate obstacles and more time to maneuver out of threatening situations.

Drive for Your Weather Conditions

Rain at night means you will have glare as you face oncoming blinding lights. To help you focus on something other than the blinding lights of oncoming vehicles, follow the line on the right edge of the road with your eyes.

This helps shield you a bit from the brightness of approaching headlights.

If it’s raining heavily, your front wipers may not be helping you enough. Be sure they are replaced as needed. Also, your windshield may get coated with standing water when trucks pass you.

If you have trouble seeing during heavy rain or because of splash up, find a safe spot off the highway and wait it out. It’s not safe to pull to the shoulder of the road to wait. You can be hit from behind by other drivers.

Pull totally off the road to park at a service station or parking lot and wait for a change in the weather or road conditions.

Night fog creates another driving difficulty, and a dangerous one. For better visibility, you will want to keep your headlights on low beam and consider taking routes that have less potential fog or traffic.

Get Your Vitamin A

Researchers have known for years that vitamin A improves night vision. But you should ask your physician before taking high doses of this supplement.

If you are getting enough green leafy vegetables, and you are taking a daily multi-vitamin, chances are you are getting a reasonable amount of this vitamin already.

A carrot is rich in Vitamin A, that’s why it is very useful for your eyes. Make juice with special juicers for carrots and don’t worry about night driving.

Park Your Car

Probably the best night blindness driving tip is to avoid driving at night if your eyesight is compromised or you have too much driving fear. Why take chances? If you don’t need to drive at night, don’t.

Leave the errand until tomorrow, and park your car when you run out of daylight hours.

If you don’t see well when driving at night, consider following these 5 driving tips: increase your visibility, reduce your speed, anticipate obstacles, drive for the weather conditions, get your vitamin A, or just park your car.

Weight Gain

Facts About Constant Weight Gain

Do you sometimes feel like a yo-yo when trying to lose weight? The truth is, it is not an uncommon phenomenon. Losing weight . . . and keeping it off is one of the hardest things we have to do and face in our lives.

Weight Gain

Don’t you just envy those folks who can seem to eat anything and everything we are not allowed to eat, and they do not gain an ounce.

It has become quite popular with severely overweight people to opt for the gastric by-pass surgery to lose weight. This is not the safest of surgeries though people may feel it is a quick fix to lose weight quickly and permanently.

However, if you have gone through this risky surgery, it is extremely important to follow doctors’ orders because the weight can easily come back, even with this surgery, if you return to your old eating habits.

I have seen many successes with this surgery, but I have also witnessed several women who went through all this pain and suffering of this particular surgery only to gain all the weight back. This is a very unhealthy and serious move on your part.

Many of us have also have experienced the weight gain associated with the task to quit smoking. Of course, it may not be a big weight gain but something we sure do not want to do. It doesn’t have to happen.

You first have to realize that smoking is much worse for your health than a couple of extra pounds. You probably are not going to be able to lose weight at the same time as you are trying to quit smoking. Once step at a time.

Quit smoking

I have found, to quit smoking, turn to some non-caloric habits in order to get healthy while quitting. Whether you are quitting cold turkey, through help with your doctor, a patch or the um, plan ahead to keep any weight gain to a minimum.

Keep a lot of sugarless gum on hand at all times, keep a straw to chew on (out of habit), stock your fridge with a lot of healthy munchies, anything to keep your hands busy with healthy options other than that “smoke”. It may not happen overnight but it does work and you will be much healthier.

When it comes to the real issues with weight loss and gain, there always seems to be an underlying issue as to why we cannot be totally successful. Most of the issues have to do with stresses in our daily lives, lack of self worth, and trying to live up to the images put forth by the media.

If this is a constant issue for you, the suggestion would be to get some kind of support with any emotional issues either through professional therapy, Overeaters Anonymous, or at the very least start journaling and exploring your feelings and emotions. Emotional issues generally will not go away on their own.

In fact, they usually get worse as the weight keeps going up and the self-esteem goes down.

Maybe a nutritionist can get you on the right road to successful weight loss without the yo-yo effect but without digging into those underlying issues mentioned, you may be fighting a losing battle.

If you are always struggling on the weight loss ladder, you do need to have enough confidence in yourself to be a success.

Just come to the realization that it is not you but an underlying issue that can be resolved if you are willing to get the help and assistance you need to build your self esteem and make you realize, you do deserve to be the best that you

Quick Iced Tea Made Frothy in the Blender

You can make strong, iced tea in quick time with your blender:

  1. Boil 1-1/2 to 2 cups of water.
  2. Add three black tea or favorite herbal tea bags.
  3. Let the tea steep for, at least, 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Place 24 ice cubes in the blender.
  5. Pour the tea over the top (minus the tea bags, of course).
  6. Sweeten with raw sugar, honey or whatever you prefer.
  7. Hit the “frappe” switch on your blender.

The result will be a strong, invigourating, frothy iced tea you can serve immediately.

There’s no faster way to “get ‘er done.”

Fresh Juices: A Remedy for Kidney and Bladder Infections

The following information has been gathered and compiled through personal experience while traveling, teaching T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Chinese Herbal medicine, martial arts and other health related subjects. The article also contains feedback from students and anecdotal information from readers of my columns.


The following are my opinions and deductions from those sources..

If you own a juicer you have the tool(s) necessary for ridding yourself of chronic bladder and kidney infections. Healthy kidneys are necessary for skin health and a clear complexion and if that’s your objective, a juicer may be your answer.

One of my alternative healer friends uses the following techniques to help her patients. Juice enough raw carrots to make one pint of juice and combine that with one pint of raw spinach juice. Each quart must be consumed that day. The juice has to be fresh daily.

  1. To juice spinach, roll a few leaves up like you would roll up pieces of paper.
  2. Then stick the leaves, stem and all and stem first, into the juicer.

The stems contain lots of vitamins, minerals and have a high water content.

We make our juices using blenders from Vitamix, it’s just more time consuming:

  1. First, cut the leaves into small pieces using a good pair of scissors and chop the carrots into small pieces also.
  2. Add a small amount to the blender along with just enough reverse osmosis or distilled water to blend.
  3. Add more spinach and carrots as the blender liquifies the ingredients.
  4. After blending, strain the liquid and drink immediately.

If you suffer from frequent night trips to the bathroom, you may be getting a message that you have a bladder infection or it may be that you aren’t drinking enough water. “Not enough!”, you say, “My problem is too much water. That’s why I end up spending so much time walking down the hall in the dark.” Let me explain.

If you drink less than eight glasses of water a day, you increase the acid pH factor in the urine. In children, it’s usually the opposite. Without enough water the waste products and urine from the kidneys becomes too concentrated and irritates the bladder.

When that happens you feel the urge to urinate. One sign of excessive acidity in the urine can be a burning sensation upon urination. Fried and starchy foods, white bread, sugars, carbonated beverages, fresh meat and especially processed meats, all raise the body’s acid levels.

Eating most fruits, melons, beans, potatoes and milk, many milk based processed foods raise acid levels, can help alkalinize the body. One of the latest fads for alkalinizing the body is to dissolve baking soda in a glass of water and drinking it once a day. If you have a problem digesting your food because of low hydrochloric acid, this process will really cause problems.

An overly alkaline pH can lead to bladder infections and creates a friendly environment for E coli bacteria. The majority of information I’ve found indicates the baking soda everyday fad can lead to a serious imbalance in the body’s pH. Either way, too acidic or too alkaline, an imbalance in pH isn’t beneficial for long-term health.

An exercise known as Kegels can help with bladder control:

  1. Tighten the muscle you use to control urination, the pubococcygeus, and hold it under tension for the count of five.
  2. Relax and repeat fifteen times, three times a day.
  3. Next, tighten, and release the same muscle as quickly as possible fifteen times, three times a day.
  4. Then, bear down on the muscle without using the stomach muscles, ten times, three times a day.